Atlas is an international trading company headquartered in Copenhagen.

We offer sorted hardwood and softwood straight from Europe’s forests to sawmills and veneer producers around the world.

We have a team of committed employees whose work is grounded in our vision to maintain a high level of professionalism and treat the world around us well.

We believe that the use of wood as an eco-friendly raw material will become more and more prominent in the future, and that the demand for quality materials will continue to rise. For these reasons, our goal is to continually develop our business so that, in the future, Atlas can continue to optimise the sale of raw wood from our forests.

Our passion for wood goes back to 2012, when we co-founded Cambium. Atlas selects and delivers special, unique logs for Cambium’s Danish production operations.
We are proud of our partnership, and of the many beautiful products that can be made from wood.
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