At Atlas Timber & Hardwood, we don’t consider a product delivered until it arrives safe and sound. That’s why logistics and documentation are an integral part of our business. We ensure quick and direct delivery by working with the best European couriers. We meet national phytosanitary certification requirements, as well as individual customers’ requests for certifications and traceability.

We are experienced in supplying to all types of businesses, from small specialists to some of the largest industrial companies. For each job, we strive to find the perfect match between a raw wood and the customer’s requirements for their particular use.

Our goal is to maintain good, long-term relationships with everyone in the market. That means we work to ensure our clients and suppliers alike are satisfied. We accomplish this through dialogue and mutual understanding. In a good deal, all parties are satisfied.

We believe that forestry and wood sales will go on long into the future. This is why we support education with our scholarship, AtlasPrisen (“The Atlas Prize”), and we’re always happy to share our knowledge.